Gro├čadmiral EYESHANK
Kriegsmarine Branch Commander

  Admiral SAJUK
Kriegsmarine Branch Chief of Staff




 Marinegruppenkommando Nord
 Marinegruppenkommando West

Awards For This Unit:


Our Branch is the hardest fighting, with the smallest numbers, and without armor. Join us on channel "30" for our Kriegsmarine Operations.

Proudly Signed:

Gro├čadmiral XoomXoom
Oberbefelshaber Der Kriegsmarine

Kriegsmarine Mission Statement:

We desire to provide a great experience to all we encounter, including our foes!
Through solid communications, effective training (HC Officer / NON) and a desire to serve with honor, we open our doors to all who wish to serve our community with pride.

We have dedicated Naval Personnel to help show you the ropes and how we operate on both Land and Sea.

If you're interested in Kriegsmarine Officership, contact our branch staff via PM on the Battleground Europe forums.

Kriegsmarine Squads

3rd Fallschirmjager Regiment
3rd Gebirgs Jager
1st Zersterorflotille

This is called the "Fairmile (FMB)." It is commonly used as a Riverine as a transport for our Marines or used in small rivers on the mainland. Tune channel 30 to find us! ANY RANK CAN OPERATE THIS CRAFT!

Kriegsmarine Channel: 30
Fallschirmjager Channel (MAIN): 30
Fallschirmjager Channel (SECONDARY): 11

We are recruiting officers! Contact us on Channel 30 or PM Kriegsmarine Branch Command.

Current KM Command is listed at the top of the screen.


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