Generalmajor SAJUK
I.Stukageschwader(St.G.2) Commander




Awards For This Unit:


  • JG51 Molders

  • Welcome to 53.Kg 1 Stukageschwader(St.G.2) im Airraid,Your new CO,I hope we will have lots of RDP and LW fun in the future :)

    53.KG I.Stukageschwader is responsible for providing 6th Armee with close air support (CAS) utilizing the He-111s, Stukas and 110 C4B bombers. Also a Secondary Role in RDP raids on British and French Factories.

    Contact the unit CO in game for some exciting ground attack missions in support of the Axis ground forces.

    We specialize in bombing your enemy citys to the ground with our uber 111's,Plenty of fighters here to! :) 53. KG 1 STG,Your LW palace :)


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