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The 18. Armeekorps was established on 4 November 1939. It was assigned to the Western Frontier - within the Netherlands. They then fought in the Campaign, in the West, from 10 May 1940 until 25 June 1940 - fighting both in Holland and then France. 18. Armeekorps was then involved in the occupation of southern France, from 26 June 1940 through 20 July 1940. From 21 July 1940 through 21 June 1941, they were serving in the East, along the northern German-Russian Frontier. The 18. Armeekorps was in existence 2,015 days of which 1,419 days were spent fighting on the Eastern Front in the northern area.

Awards For This Unit:

Command Channels
Heer ............10
Luftwaffe....... 20

XVIII Armee Korps consists of :
2.Panzer Division
- 1.Kampfgruppe
- 2.Kampfgruppe
- 3.Kampfgruppe [Armored]

17.Infantrie Division
- 1.Kampfgruppe
- 2.Kampfgruppe
- 3.Kampfgruppe [Armored]

2.Fallschirmjager Division
- 1.Gruppe
- 2.Gruppe

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